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We are MB Energy, an OFGEM regulated wholesale electricity and wholesale gas suppliers. Our management team have over 3 decades of experience in the energy industry with backgrounds in energy brokering as well as energy supply. Our experience on both ends of the perspective places us perfectly as a business energy supplier, because we know exactly what you want as a customer.


Our Promise

You will always receive a premium level service from MB Energy

We will always strive to give the most competitive rates available

We’ve been in your position so we know what you require. We will always listen to your requirements and do our best to customise our offering around that.

Why MB Energy?

We understand the importance of a reliable, cost effective energy supplier. The big 6 energy suppliers are constantly under scrutiny by the media and consumers for their business ethics. As a small business, our core ethic is to ensure we are always providing a premium level service.

Customer Care: You get the care and customer service of a small business with the knowledge and resources of a large business.

Relationship: You will have a dedicated account manager and billing representative. A personal relationship means good service.

Communication: We will communicate with you at least every quarter. We provide a ‘first bill call’ service to ensure you understand your bill and are happy with it.

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