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what happens next?

Please allow 3-5 business days to receive a confirmation of the complaint being received.


A member of our complaints team may contact you to discuss your complaint further if needed. We will typically aim to provide a resolution to your complaint within 10 business days of the complaint being acknowledged. However, some complaints may take longer as further investigations may be required. If this is the case the we will let you know that the it may take a little while longer to investigate the complaint.


Once we have worked out a resolution to your complaint, we will send you a letter confirming the resolution. If you choose to accept, the complaint will be closed and no further action will be required. If you do not accept the resolution, we will issue you with a deadlock letter signposting Ombudsman Services and you will be able to take the complaint further with them.   


If 56 days (8 weeks) have lapsed since having raised the complaint without having received a resolution, we will inform you of your rights to raise the complaint further via the Ombudsman Services.

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