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Meter Reads Form

You can submit your meter reads via the form below or by calling 0330 6600082.

Here are a few useful pointers on how to read your meter:


Digital Meter

digital digital_2

  • Please note all numbers from left to right
  • Please include all preceding zeros, but ignore the number(s) at the end, which may be after a decimal place and/ or in red e.g. The meter below will be read as 03529 and 0843 respectively.


Dial Meter


  • Dial meters can vary in appearance but they will generally be laid out as shown in the diagram.
  • Each dial represents one of 4 numbers you need to log for your reading. Always write the number that the dial has just passed, this is not necessarily the nearest number to the pointer. If the pointer is exactly in the middle of 2 numbers, write down the lowest number of the two.
  • The correct meter reading of the dials shown is 2435