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Smart Metering

Take control of your gas consumption and save money with our Automated Meter Reading (AMR) device, Eliminates estimated bills and manages your energy usage.

What is AMR?
AMR Devices record your consumption and uses SMS roaming SIM technology to feed this back to a secure online portal. Your consumption data is fully downloadable for use within your business, giving you unrivalled freedom to analyse data, comparing and contrasting sites combined or individually.


Why MB Energy

Dedicated Account Manager

You have a single point of contact to deal with all your queries and account.


We work hard to offer competitive rates on both gas and electric.


We have a culture of customer care & delivering an excellent service.

Benefit of using AMR

We appreciate your time is your money, so with our AMR/Smart meter allow it to do all the work, ensuring you received accurate bills month in month out.

How does it work?

We will fit the AMR hardware on your meter, if your meter is not adaptable we will make contact with you to discuss exchanging the meter. The AMR unit records how much gas has passed through the meter and this information is then downloaded to a central server where it is translated into readings. You can then access your up-to-date, accurate readings via your secure portal on this website, link below.


MB Energy have partnered up with SMS Metering to install and manage Smart Meters.

From 2022 Energy Suppliers are targeted by UK Government to install a specific number of Smart Meters each year. The Smart Metering Implementation Programme is aimed to be completed by 2025 where all households and commercial properties alike should have a Smart Meter installed.

MB Energy aim to install Smart Meters to its existing and new customers. The target for 2022 is to install:

Non-Domestic Smart Meters

Gas:                       1

Electric:                 0

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