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Smart meters for business: What they are and why use them?

Digital electric meters in a row measuring power use. Electricity consumption concept.

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter is a type of advanced meter that can gather information about the amount of energy consumed by a business, household or other entity on an hourly basis. It has a communication device built in to send this data wirelessly back to the utility company.

Smart meter technology has been installed in homes and businesses across the country, with 23.6 million smart and advanced meters in operation as of 31st December 2020 [1]. It monitors your energy usage, giving you more control over how much electricity and gas you use.

Smart meters are central to the government’s plan to reduce carbon emissions, by offering users real-time data on their energy use which then encourages them to take on more energy-efficient behaviors, while also enabling smart grid technologies that can help relieve pressure on the grid at peak times.

Why does my business need a smart meter for our energy?

  • Accurate energy bills – When a smart meter is operational, it sends data every hour so your energy consumption can be accurately tracked 24 hours a day. Thus you are billed for only what you use!
  • Save time and money – Without the need to routinely provide readings to your energy supplier you avoid the monthly task of sending the gas and electric readings and save yourself the inconvenience of overpaying estimated energy bills and also saving you time.
  • Accessibility – you no longer need to physically go to the meters for the reading and understand the usage, it can be accessed from your computer or a smartphone.
  • Reduce Carbon footprint – step up your corporate social responsibility and support the government’s aim to reduce countrywide carbon emissions by 45 million tonnes – the equivalent of taking 26 million cars off the road for a year [2] through the introduction of smart meters.
  • Better understanding of usage and improved energy efficiency – A traditional electric meter does not show how much power is used. A smart meter allows you to know your energy consumption at any given time, giving you more control over how much electricity and gas you use. This in turn can result in both individual savings as well as better management of natural resources by utilities companies.
  • Better energy tariffs – some suppliers may offer exclusive tariffs for smart meter users, tariffs that are cheaper!




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